Video of a little boy saving his mother from a fatal accident has gone viral online

A video of a little kid bravely saving his mother from a catastrophic tragedy has gone viral on the internet. IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra posted the video on Twitter, and it has already received over 74k views. The internet applauds the child as a hero, and you will too after viewing the video.

Dipnashu Kabra first published the now-viral video on December 23. In the 43-second video, a woman can be seen on top of a wooden ladder, attempting to mend something at a height. The ladder suddenly collapsed, leaving the woman perilously hanging in the air. For support, she clutched a beam-like structure.

Her son had been standing near the ladder the entire time. He saw what had occurred and raced to stop his mother from collapsing. The youngster gave it his utmost effort to take up the ladder and lay it beneath his mother. Fortunately, he was successful and spared his mother from a tragic disaster.

“This small child’s intelligence and courage cannot be commended enough,” says the post’s caption.

Here’s the link to the viral video:

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