Video of cute cat wandering into one of Brazil’s World Cup press conferences and then being literally thrown out went viral on the Internet

A Brazilian media officer stunned journalists on Wednesday when he threw a stray cat out of a news conference in Qatar.

A cat leaped onto the table as Brazil forward Vinicius Jr. was speaking to the media before his team’s World Cup quarterfinal match against Croatia.

The cat crossed the table to the unidentified media officer, who grabbed it by the scruff of its neck and threw it to the floor.

The media officer shrugged his shoulders as journalists gasped, while Vinicius chuckled.

PETA, an animal rights organization, was unimpressed, writing, “What’s this guy’s problem?”

According to VetStreet, lifting a cat with scruff is unnecessary and even harmful.

“We hope someone is taking care of this adorable kitty, who is most likely homeless—like so many others,” PETA wrote.

“Did he really need to toss it like that?!” tweeted journalist Andrew Gourdie. whereas The Sun’s sports reporter Konstantinos Lianos referred to the media officer as a “douchebag.”

Following the event, Vinicius was asked about the criticism leveled at Brazil players for their goal celebrations in the World Cup Round of 16 versus South Korea.

Brazil’s players were chastised by ITV analysts Roy Keane and Graeme Souness for doing brief dance routines following each of their goals in a crushing 4-1 victory.

“People say it’s their culture, but I believe that’s absolutely disrespectful to the opponent,” ex-Manchester United midfielder Roy Keane stated.

“It’s just a matter of time before someone runs straight through one of these Brazilians,” Souness, a former Liverpool FC player, stated.

Vinicius responded to the pair’s remarks by informing reporters that the squad had more goal celebrations planned.

“Sure, some individuals like to whine when they witness other people’s pleasure, and because we Brazilians are a happy people, it will always disturb them,” he remarked.

“The goal is the most crucial moment in football; in a World Cup, it’s even more essential, so it’s a happy moment not just for us players, but for our entire country.”

“We still have a lot of celebrations planned, so we need to keep playing well, winning games, and being happy in the process.”

On Friday, Brazil will meet Croatia in the quarterfinals.

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