Video: Officer was supposed to conduct a welfare check for the kid, when he found out that she…

In 2018, the welfare check was carried on this child at her home in Kingman, Arizona, by Lt. Brian Zach, who had been sent there after someone reported a disturbance. He discovered a little child who had been the victim of severe mistreatment and had suffered severe injuries as a result.

The police officer remained with Kaila for a number of hours until the arrival of the investigators, who took her to the hospital.

During that period, they entertained themselves by coloring together and sharing snacks and Zach, who already had two children of his own, was certain that he and his wife, Cierra, could provide Kaila a secure environment to live in, even if it was just for a limited amount of time.

Zach said that all that Kaila brought with her to their home when she moved in was a bag of clothing that were too big for her and a sippy cup. Kaila remained with the Zach family through the weeks, and eventually the months.

Kaila was legally adopted by the family during the summer of 2020, when she was 4 years old. At the time, the family could not have been happier to have her as a member of their life on a permanent basis.

Her new family considers her a blessing, and Zach adds that in addition to being very affectionate, she also has a good sense of humor.

Zach said, “Within the first two days of being with us, she began referring to my wife as’mom’ and’mommy.'”

Kaila is a really unique girl, and it seems that she is overjoyed now that she has found a lifelong home that is both secure and caring. Zach said, “She is just so lovely, and I believe that God brought her to me for a purpose “.

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