Video: One of cafe’s employees was buying meal for police, but when her boss found out about it, he…

Ashley Calvert said that she comes from a family which is full of law enforcement professionals and that she is aware that the job may be strenuous at times.

She went on to say that it is especially challenging due to the widespread bad opinion of cops in today’s society.

So, one day, she reported to her husband that she had made the decision to pay for the meal of the next police officer that entered the restaurant.

“If it improves somebody’s day then that’s all it was about,” adding that she was never aiming for media attention.

Officer Paul Roemer, who had said that he had been having a difficult day before to meeting Calvert, was the first law enforcement official to accept her gift.

Roemer remembered thinking to himself, “I was only halfway through my shift — it’s just a busy shift , I was like “Oh, that’s not required, I appreciate the gesture, but it’s really not essential.” Roemer said that as a consequence of the event, he went home with a grin on his face.

He went on to say that the event left him feeling so moved that he shared his thoughts on it on various social media platforms.

The article was picked up by more news publications, and those outlets then disseminated it on social media and a number of readers expressed how moved they were by the story, and several of them related their own experiences that were very similar.

One recalled: “I was a waitress for a number of coffee shop chains, and I remember a time when we NEVER made our police or fire fighters pay for their meals a nd many frequently insisted on paying anyhow.

They were unable to eat their meals on many occasions because they received urgent phone calls that needed to be responded to “RIGHT now!”

But the globe is always turning and things are always changing. It’s a shame that we’ve lost respect for the law and for the people who put their lives on the line to defend it and us. I would want to congratulate this worker.

Her manager ought to be both pleased to have her and grateful to her for what she contributes.”

And indeed, rather of disciplining Calvert, the employer commended her for her hard work and kind gesture and noted that his father was also police officer, who had passed away while on the job more than 40 years earlier.

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