Video: Teen’s heart transplant after a young man’s passing brings two families together…

After her son passed away from a vehicle accident over two years ago, one mother from Madisonville, Louisiana was able to hear her son’s pulse one more time thanks to modern medical technology.

In New Orleans on May 14, 2022, thanks to the assistance of the non-profit Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency, Maria Clark was able to meet 14 year old Jean Paul Marceaux, the recipient of her son’s heart.

Nicholas Peters, Clark’s twenty-five-year-old son, had given his organs, most notably his heart and as his mother noted he was “always a people person,” meaning that he helped everyone and went out of his way to make sure you knew you were special.

After Nick had gone away, his heart made the trip, which took around three hours, to the adjacent city of New Iberia, Louisiana, in order to assist an additional family in need.

Candice Armstrong, a different mother, had gotten a call that would change the course of her life there as her son, Jean Paul, was in need of a donor heart, and one had become available.

The small boy needed a new heart badly and was waiting for the one in a million call that may save his life.

Clark claimed this while recounting his first encounter with the young man: “He walked in and he just embraced me.

He had a firm embrace, exactly as Nick did… After that, I was able to hear the heartbeat, and it was so powerful and so full of life.

The sound was “coming through the stethoscope so powerful, like thumping like a drum,” according to the patient.

Clark stated that she had an experience in which she felt “very close to [Jean Paul] because he was so much like Nick.”

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