Video: The fundraising for a Burger King employee with 27 years of perfect attendance reached unbelievable amount…

Seryna Ford, the employee’s daughter, set up a GoFundMe page to thank her single father, Kevin Ford, for helping to pay for her and her siblings’ education and college expenses.

“For 27 years now, he has worked at the same place and has never missed a day of work,” she stated in the description.

This is the first job he’s ever had since dad was granted custody of me and my elder sister about 30 years ago.

The fact that he is nearing retirement age means that if he were to leave, he would have to forgo his pension.

It is not a financial request, nor is he anticipating any, but if someone want to bless him and take him to see his grandkids, he would appreciate it.”

In response to the influx of contributions, the monetary objective has been steadily expanded. On Saturday, the target was set at $150,000 and even had been surpassed to $153,858.

Ford said that he was “overwhelmed” by the public’s support and the amount of gifts that were pouring in.

They are simply so generous, it’s just mind-boggling.” For the last three days, I’ve been wailing. I’m in disbelief at this news. Thank you for everything, everyone; I love you,” he said.

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