Video: The kid was about to fall off the change table when his brother…

The fast reflexes of this 9-year-old kid rescued his baby brother from a terrible fall over a changing table when he was a toddler. The wonderful event was recorded on security camera, which his mother then shared with the whole world to see.

According to a baby monitor video baby Eitan can be seen rolling over and then falling off the changing table before Joseph leaps into action and snags him off the ground.

The moment Tila realizes that Joseph has rescued his younger brother, she rushes over to give him a great bear embrace, clearly pleased and proud of his actions.

She was in the middle of changing the diaper of her 11-month-old boy when she briefly diverted her attention to one of her other children for a few seconds. However, the child moved and started to tumble off the tiny table in those few seconds.

Then Joseph sprung into action, rushing over to the changing table and snatching his younger brother just as he was about to strike the floor.

Joseph said later that he had no idea how he had done it. His explanation for how he was able to grab the infant was perplexing.

“I would never be able to do it again because I can’t carry my brother,” he told after the incident.

He also said that despite the fact that he cannot sprint so quickly, he was able to reach his brother in time.

Joseph may be perplexed as to how he accomplished his feat, but the more than 11 million people who have viewed the video believe the child is a hero.

When they go out, his mother says she is now often questioned, “Where’s the superhero?” Joseph said that he’s a little embarrassed by all of the attention, but his mother couldn’t be more pleased with him.

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