Video: The nervous young man smiles at his mother and then sings a note that is so impressive that Simon is speechless with admiration…

If you have ever performed in front of a big audience, you probably know how terrifying it is to have stage fright.

Imagine it happening in front of some of the most influential persons working in the entertainment business while it was being shown on national television. In the instance of Brian Justin Crum, it took place when he was auditioning for “America’s Got Talent.”

In order for him to generate the confidence necessary to dazzle his audience, which included the notoriously tough to please Simon Cowell, he needed some support from his family.

Crum has already shown his talents in front of a live audience. As a young guy, he had spent time in San Diego, where he had honed his acting ability. When Crum was just 17 years old, he was given the incredible opportunity to become a member of the touring cast of “Wicked.”

After “Grease,” a number of additional musicals such as “The Addams Family” and “Jesus Christ Superstar” were produced. He has shown himself to be an accomplished performer who has a variety of abilities.

He was certain that he had what was necessary to appeal to a broader audience, which is why he set his eyes on competing on “America’s Got Talent.”

It is possible that his award-winning performance as Galileo Figaro in the musical “We Will Rock You” inspired him to sing Queen’s “Somebody to Love” during his first audition for season 11 of the globally popular reality program.

When he was brought in front of the judges, Simon Cowell questioned him about the people he was with. Despite the fact that he was obviously anxious and that he was aware that his mother was there, he smiled warmly and waved at his mother as he greeted her.

He often referred to his mother as his “rock,” describing her as someone who had been there for him throughout his life. His mother shared with him the pride that she had in him.

Even though they were forced to spend a portion of his formative years apart, in the end everything turned out for the best and it did not break the special relationship that they had.

From the minute he played the song’s first chords, Crum exemplified every quality that is associated with “America’s Got Talent.” Because of the intensity with which he pounded the notes, the audience was aware that they could not hold their applause until the performance was through.

He was given four yes votes from the judges, all of whom were sympathetic to his case and agreed with him. The crowd responded with a standing ovation.

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