Video: The teacher was about to cry at the classroom when… She never expected this to happen…

Surprise elements in soldier reunion movies are always there, and they are followed by flood of emotions that may soften even the most hardened of hearts.

Now, one first-grade teacher is given the surprise of her life when her serving mother pays her a surprise visit, and the whole class is left gasping for air.

The video shows the Elementary school teacher gazing directly at a lady dressed in a soldier uniform as she enters the classroom and instantly removing her mask to see who she is talking about.

Samantha Norris was surprised to find her mother, a sergeant in the Army, enter her classroom, since she had not expected her to be there.

She is completely taken aback by the unbelievable surprise, and she is in complete disbelief.

Many of her kids were heard shouting, “It’s her mom,”. Samantha said that she is still in disbelief at what happened, saying, “She is usually up for surprises, but this one I was not expecting at all.”

Our gratitude goes out to Samantha’s mother, who returned to the classroom after a year-long deployment in other country.

One is teaching the future of America, while the other is safeguarding us.

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