Video: The taxi driver discovered a backpack inside his cab and was surprised to find what was inside it…

Unanticipated discoveries await us at various points during our lives. The same is true of Raymond “Buzzy” MacCausland, who hails from Middleton, New Hampshire, in the United States city of Boston.

Raymond has been employed in the same line of business for more than half a century now.

Over the course of his career, he had come across a variety of goods that passengers had forgotten inside his taxi; He had collected mobile phones, keys, and wallets off the floor.

There was also an occasion when he came upon a briefcase that was stuffed with ten thousand dollars in it and, since he was a trustworthy individual, he would always hand back whatever that he discovered.

Raymond found himself at a loss for words when, on one of his routine trips about town looking for new passengers, he came across someone who had left something behind that was so disturbing it left him speechless.

Raymond was operating his cab when he came across a homeless person from the city of Boston. He drove to a hotel. Raymond was requested to wait for the guy for five minutes as the other individual had some errands he needed to do. He assured him that he will come back.

After waiting for the guy for a quarter of an hour, he did not appear. Raymond, who was concerned about the situation, stepped inside the hotel and questioned the receptionist there. The employees had no prior knowledge of the individual he was speaking about.

Raymond arrived back to his taxi while still feeling bewildered.

At that that moment, he became aware of the presence of a backpack behind his taxi. Raymond pulled over his taxi and discovered that the bag he had been carrying was full of cash with a total value of US$ 187,000!

Raymond delivered the cash to the station where he was working.

“That’s just how it is with me. I am not a thief, nor have I ever been one; I do not steal anything, however, it would have been good to see a significant amount of money like that—it undoubtedly improves people’s lives.”

The police in Boston made contact with the hotel, and they were successful in locating the proprietor.

The guy demonstrated that he was the rightful owner of the money. Following the passing of his parents, he came into possession of the inheritance. He was able to back up his claim with a receipt.

Raymond was lauded for his kind act as well as his honesty by Police Commissioner William Evans.

Raymond had this response when questioned about the reason he had returned the money: “I believe it was the proper thing to do.”

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