Video: These teenagers melt hearts and bring smiles to faces all over the world for giving their homecoming crowns to classmates who have special…

Everyone at Veterans Memorial High School, from the teachers to the students, was excited about the school’s annual homecoming. They were completely unaware that the actions of two children would cause this incident to be reported on in major news outlets throughout the country.

They were one of the couples picked to compete for the position of the new school’s royalty for 2019, and they came out on top- Brandon Moreno and Madison McDaniel.

After being crowned King and Queen, Brandon and Madison had an incredible sense of fulfillment. They couldn’t contain their excitement as they enthusiastically accepted their crowns and took pictures to memorialize the moment for all time.

Only a minute later, Brandon and Madison, who are romantically involved with one another, announced that they were relinquishing their crowns because they believed that someone else was more deserving of them.

Despite the fact that they had given it considerable consideration the night before the homecoming celebration, everyone was taken completely aback by this information.

Robyn Ponce and Seth Thompson were taken surprised when they heard their names and received their crowns from Brandon and Madison, who had previously held those titles.

The principal, Scott Walker, said that there was a standing ovation for the performance, “i got the goosebumps, and there were many joyful tears shed. It was simply one of those times that you’ll remember for the rest of your life”

Robyn and Seth are students in the exceptional class together. A teacher of special education at the school, Edna Salazar, expressed her thanks and happiness that they were able to feel included on that lovely day. She said it was a “fantastic day.”

“Just watching (McDaniel) set the crown on her was amazing in and of itself. It was quite unbelievable, and it was wonderful to see the look of surprise and astonishment on his face as he saw her happiness.”

The wonderful story was posted on the school’s Facebook page where Brandon and Madison were lauded for their selfless actions and inclusive mindset, which earned them recognition from the institution.

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