Video: This Australian woman got unbelievable side effect from surgery she had one year ago and it’s still like that, making her…

When it comes to after having surgery, you should prepare yourself for a few things, including confusion, a significant amount of pain, and some scars.

An Irish accent is one thing that no one anticipates hearing from you unless you yourself are of Irish descent.

Despite the fact that TikToker Angie Yen was born and raised in Australia, she emerged from surgery with a peculiar shift to her voice, and she has not been able to regain it in the last year.

In April of 2021, she went in for a tonsillectomy that seemed to be a regular procedure.

According to what she said  in a TikTok video she posted, “I got up this morning, I didn’t do anything unusual, I had breakfast, but when I started to sing along  while listening to music, all of a sudden I found myself speaking with an Irish accent. ”

Yen continues, “I felt first that this was simply something that I was hearing, and that this can’t be real but, in all seriousness, the disease is called as Foreign Accent Syndrome, and it is rather uncommon.”

Then, she pleaded with others watching on TikTok: “I was wondering if your friends could tell me whether or not my accent is from a nice region of Ireland.

Yen has been speaking with an Irish twang ever since she woke up from operation a year ago, despite the fact that she has never set foot in Ireland.

Earlier this month, she said, “My accent is still somewhat American with a touch of Northern Irish. When I’m under a lot of pressure, it gets thicker.”

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