Video: This dad’s reaction to daughter’s exam result is just so heartwarming… Click to watch it…

This dad’s response to his daughter’s decision to become a nurse is very heartwarming, as their beautiful connection is like a breath of fresh air in a society that is filled with selfishness, and that bond is wonderful to see.

This girl’s father always helped her, encouraged and supported her in her efforts to achieve her objectives.

Throughout the process, as the daughter hesitantly enters her results in the computer, her father can be heard supporting her and when the results finally came back showing that she had passed the test, no one was more pleased than her father as he was exclaiming “You did it!” with an euphoric delight.

It is true that one of the greatest joys a parent can have is being able to recognize and appreciate their child’s accomplishments and it is a privilege  to have such a supportive and loving father.

Thousands of people have shared the video on social media, adding sweet remarks, noting that “she is very privileged to be a nurse and to have such a supportive father.”

It was father’s idea to film the process of checking exam results, regardless if it a “pass or fail,’ and she agreed.

The already certified nurse said at the time that she was “quite persuaded” that she had failed her nursing board test, which is required for nurses to pass in order to work as registered nurses in the state of California, but fortunately, she was wrong in her assumptions.

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