Video: This elderly couple’s performance moved everyone to tears because… You need to see it…

In the case of Dietmar and Nellia, they are unquestionably the couple that best exemplify famous cliché that “dance keeps you young.”

During their participation in the Rock That Swing Festival in 2019, the duo stunned the audience with their dancing skills and charm.

As the saying goes those who remain physically active in their elderly years enjoy longer and happier lives.

Nellia and Dietmar Ehrentraut of Durmersheim, Germany, can attest to the fact that this has been the case.

Originally married in 1970, the couple has just just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary together.

Dietmar is 72 years old, and Nellia is 66, yet they move like individuals half their age or younger!

For decades, the two of them have been a fixture on the dance festival circuit in Europe.

Audiences have always been wowed by their intricate footwork and lighthearted performances, and they’ve only become better with time.

Nellia and Dietmar, who performed at the 2019 Rock That Swing Festival in Berlin, Germany, demonstrate that we are only as old as we feel in a film recorded during the festival. Their performance to “Never Stop Jiving” was really breathtaking, and we were completely taken in by it all.

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