Video: This man’s life story will make you speechless… The moment everyone learned…

In general, our culture has a tendency to underestimate the number of homeless people.

Despite this, the homeless are humans just like anybody else, and many of them are highly gifted in many fields.

When a homeless guy sits down at a street piano, the reactions of onlookers are priceless.

He has shaggy hair and a scruffy beard, yet when he starts to play, it is as if he has appeared out of nowhere and performed something very extraordinary.

Donald Gould, a former United States Marine, is the focus of this film. His life story is both tragic and inspiring.

Sources who have followed him since the video was released in 2015 indicate that he is in a lot better state of mind now than he was at the time of the video.

He’s lived on the streets for ten years and has no place to call home. In this video, he performs on a public sidewalk while playing the piano. Anyone is welcome to play on the public piano, which is part of an art project in Sarasota, Florida.

Many people have noted that he has “magic fingers,” and his playing has left the internet in awe of his abilities.

To the question of what he does on a daily basis when asked by an interviewer, Donald simply stated that his favorite thing to do is to “provide some advice and make people happy.”

This response is both wonderful and sad at the same time since the homeless maestro offers a great deal of delight to others while also bearing the load of his own problems.

It serves as a fantastic demonstration of the power of music and the manner in which it may prevent a large number of people from breaking apart.

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