Video: This young lady with speaking impediment astonishes everyone and receives standing ovation as she performs…

As she performs an original song on America’s Got Talent 2022, 19-year-old girl, Amanda Mammana, who has a speech impediment, gets a standing ovation from both the judges and the crowd.

Her performance is described as being encouraging. This gifted lady who has speech problem pushes herself beyond of her comfort zone and demonstrates to everyone that nothing is impossible.

As she appeared on stage with a guitar, a clear voice, bravery, and a heart, Amanda demonstrated that she is unstoppable.

She may have stuttered when trying to explain the story behind her own song, but it was not a cause for her to stop showing everyone how God had blessed her with skills.

After her performance, Amanda Mammana showed a lot of emotion and stated, “There was a moment when I was a youngster and I was thinking, I can never do anything like this, I’m not talented enough.”

Amanda Mammana was highly upset after her performance. But she listens to her instincts and is brave enough to give the audition nevertheless, despite the difficulties she faces.

Howie Mandel made the following observation: “Excellent enough does not express what we just heard; it is not only good, but it is fantastic.  Take a look at how you’re able to move this audience, and know that I think you’re able to move millions of people right now.”

In addition to this, Simon said, “You were great, and I mean your voice is so pure, so lovely, and also you’re a terrific song writer, and I believe you’re an incredible person, and I’m so delighted you came here.”

As a result of receiving four affirmative votes from the panel of judges, Amanda will proceed to the next round of the competition.

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