Video: This angelic performance of “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” from Les Miserables by a this 13 years old is certain to make you cry…

One of the most heartbreaking melodies ever composed may be found in the stage production of “Les Miserables.”

A teenage character called Marius, who is lamenting the loss of his comrades who were lost in an uprising in post-Revolutionary France, sings the song “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” near the close of the play.

In the musical, Marius performs the song as he is sitting by himself in the same café where he and his friends used to convene in the past to sing, strategize, and gain support for their cause.

The character regrets the fact that he is still alive while his contemporaries have passed away and questions the value of the sacrifice they made while singing to their spirits. This shattering moment of loss and hopelessness has the power to affect even the most emotionless among us.

In the actual world, a great number of individuals have gone through periods of suffering and anguish during the last two years.  Here is when Cormac Thompson enters the picture.

The charity track “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” was recorded by the 13-year-old singer in order to generate money for the organization Acting for Others.

His incredible performance of the song enables many listeners to express feelings that they have suppressed for a long time but are now able to let out. The cover, which was uploaded to his own channel on YouTube, has had close to 300,000 views as of the time.

The pitch-perfect performance given by Cormac drew praise from a significant number of spectators.

The performance given by Cormac is another evidence demonstrating the curative and motivational potential of music.

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