Video: Tim Conway gives a hilarious performance as James Blond in a parody of the spy genre that was featured on The Carol Burnett Show…

In a famous sketch from The Carol Burnett Show, Tim Conway stars as the funny James Blond, making fun of the renowned James Bond film series.

And although if this covert agent may not be quite as dashing as the very first 007, you can be sure that he will make you break a grin, nevertheless.

Since 1962, at least one actor has made an appearance on television as James Bond, and seven different actors have played the role of James Bond on the big screen.

Not necessarily in that order, but among the prominent group of performers are names like Roger Moore, Daniel Craig, Sean Connery, and David Niven.

Tim Conway may have been the only person who could pull off the James Bond (or “James Blond” in this parody) persona.

The skit is presented by Lyle Waggoner as an episode of Midnight Theater, which he describes as a “exciting, super espionage adventure” starring James Blond and including all of the following elements.

He makes the jest, ignorant of the fact, that there is something for the whole family at a period when watching television was far more appropriate for families than it is now.

You can watch the sketch video below!

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