Video: When it comes to her adopted children, the single mom claims that “love has no color”…

Love is blind to some things like country, religion, and ethnicity. Ohioan Treka Engleman doesn’t allow the statement impact her or her children’s happiness, despite the fact that she is often questioned whether the children she is raising are her own.

At the age of 21, Treka, who now teaches mathematics, began her career as a foster parent, stating that she did not care about the gender or ethnicity of the children she took in.

After that, in 2019, she made the decision to legally adopt the children and provide them with a warm and stable environment. Adopting her three children has been a challenge for Treka, but the experience has been incredibly fulfilling for her.

The childhood of Treka Engleman was not an easy one for her: s he is the eleventh and last of her family’s twelve children, and her mother passed away when she was just six years old.

Even though the loss of the Engleman family matriarch was a terrible situation to everyone in the family, they were always there for one another and did all in their power to make their unorthodox living arrangement work.

When Treka was a youngster, she always had the intention that when she grew up, she would help other children who were grieving the loss of a parent.

This is the reason why, when she was only 21 years old, she put in an application to become a foster mother.

In her application, Treka decided not to express any racial preferences or restrictions for the kid she would want to have, she only desired to be of assistance to any young person who would have a need for her.

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