Video: When the man woke up after 5 days of sleep in hospital, he found out he now had one special talent…

A tragic event in Derek’s life led to his discovery as a musical genius at the piano. It was 2006, and the guy had suffered a serious concussion. Apparently, this was the consequence of his plunging into the water at the shallow end of a swimming pool.

The moment he awoke, he discovered that he had been sleeping for five days without realizing it.

Also, his hands started to jitter. He couldn’t make sense of the squares he kept seeing as his eyesight swam in and out. There were squares all over the place in his vision, and he had no idea what they meant.

Piano prodigy soon found that his floaty squares had become permanent. If you’re a newbie, you’ll see this as a state in which one sense becomes another aspect of your body.

As a result, Amato was now able to perceive sound. Sound waves were not what he was seeing, but notes.

His “gifts” didn’t stop there, either. Also, he came to discover that he had a natural talent for the piano, only, he wasn’t an amateur; he was a prodigy.

Speaking to someone who does not perceive sound in the same manner as you do may be challenging. He did his best to explain it to the best of his ability, however.”

It’s like being stuffed to the gills with a million notes, he said. He was surrounded by scribbles of music all day, every day. That’s because the black and white squares that he’s looking at enable him to write it out with his fingertips. According to what’s been told, whatever he can see with his eyes, his fingers begin to play.

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