Video: When the employee of 20 years was going to meet her bosses fearing to be fired, at that exact moment she was approached by…

Now that this woman is celebrating her 20-year job anniversary of working for Orthodontists Mike Nelson and Ron Risinger, she received the greatest surprise of her life when they presented her with a gift of $1,000 for every year that she worked for them.

In other words, they gave her a total of $20,000 in cash and gifts.

A video of that incredible occasion was captured on camera, uploaded to the internet, and has since gained widespread attention.

When both of Sophia’s dentists summoned her into the room to speak with her, she immediately felt anxious as she was thinking, “i had a month left until 20 years and I hoped I was not going to be fired.”

Because they invest a significant amount of time and effort into performing their best job, workers should be made to feel valued in the workplace. Dr. Nelson and Dr. Risinger have a solid understanding of this concept, which is why it is so vital.

Dr. Nelson said that Sophia is an excellent example of a somebody who just brings pleasure and enthusiasm to the workplace on a daily basis.

In agreement was Dr. Rinsinger, who said, “Sophia is not just an employee but also a family friend and a really vital person to have around you,”

“I am grateful–I was humbled that day–but I am grateful and it’s an awesome feeling to be appreciated in such a manner and the whole world knows that you’re appreciated,” said Sophia





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