Video: When Tristan Cook was sitting around the living room with his three younger siblings, he heard an odd sound and as he went to check it, it appeared…

In general, children who are nine years old are not very attentive to the activities that are occurring in their immediate environment.

It is necessary to constantly educate young children of the potential dangers that are present in their day-to-day activities since they are often preoccupied with things like schoolwork or playdates with their friends.

However, for one little kid in Tennessee, being aware of his surroundings was the factor that prevented a terrible ending for both him and his family as a whole.

When Tristan Cook was sitting around the living room with his three younger brothers, ages 7, 5, and 3, he heard an odd sound one day while they were watching television.

Tristan realized that the popping sound that was emanating from the office was not normal, so he turned to his other senses in an effort to figure out what was going on.

Soon, he smelled smoke. Tristan moved hastily to sound the alarm and inform his loved ones of what was taking on; there was a fire that was breaking out in the home.

Because Tristan was so fast on the draw, his whole family was able to get out of the house safely without suffering any injuries. However, the fire was out of control and caused substantial damage to the property where the Cook family lives.

The fact that Tristan was awake and conscious when the fire started was a huge blessing for his family since it allowed the rescue personnel to determine that the fire was caused by electricity and spread extremely rapidly.

“I felt an overwhelming sense of pride and gratitude that he was able to save all of us, we were all forewarned by him.”

Tracey Cook, Tristan Cook’s mother, had put up a number of cameras around the home, and she was able to record the moment when her brave little son saved his whole family.

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