Video: When this man found out who was the thief that took customer’s wallet from his bar, he was left with a tough decision to make…

Jimmy Gilleece, the owner of the bar, found himself in an unpleasant situation after a customer of his lost her wallet while she was visiting his place. Jimmy made a commitment to the customer that he would retrieve her wallet, which held a number of essential goods for her.

The woman’s wedding band was one of the valuable and priceless keepsakes that were taken from her wallet when it was stolen.

Jimmy was determined to do all in his power to locate the purse and give it back to his customer, so he sat and studied the film from his security camera for a number of hours until he located the precise time when the customer’s wallet was taken.

A young boy had snatched it not long after the customer had left it sitting on a seat outside his club.

Once the youngster was located, Jimmy learned that it was an incredibly sad event: the young guy, who was 17 years old at the time, was homeless and had walked away from his family; he lived on the streets and survived in whatever way he could. He acknowledged that when he spotted the bag, he grabbed it, took the money, and then dumped the remainder into a nearby river.

“He lived in the woods, and he could be found there even when the temperature was thirty degrees below zero.

He had gone two days without eating anything. I had no reason to suspect that he was a bad guy, simply put, he was a person who need some assistance,” Jimmy stated.

Jimmy made the decision to do something that was better than what most people would have done, which was to contact the police. Instead, he took the youngster into his house and worked to improve his life.

But first, he honored his word to his customer and assembled a group of divers to do a thorough search of the river where the purse was said to have been. They were successful in finding it in the end. It goes without saying that the lady was overjoyed.

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