Video: When this woman noticed that the nail salon’d refused to do the disabled girl’s nails, she immediately…

When one cashier at a Walmart in Burton, Michigan decided to do something extra-special for a young woman who had been turned away from the nail shop next door, the spectacle that unfolded before spectators was both uplifting and inspiring.

Tasia Smith, who worked at the Subway located within the Walmart, saw the whole event and afterwards posted about it on her Facebook account.

According to her, she was at the Walmart in Burton when she observed a client enter into the nail salon and the employees there refused to provide services to the customer on the grounds that she ‘moved too much.’

Smith mentions in her article that she was a witness to the kind Walmart employee named Ebony Harris, who missed her break in order to assist the other customer, purchased nail polish, and painted the girls’ nails.

She reported that the client who suffered from cerebral palsy was doing wonderfully and did not move about too much.

According to Smith, the reason she shared the picture of Harris fixing the girl’s nails on Facebook was because she wanted to ensure that Harris received the accolades that she was due.

Harris said that she made the decision to assist the youngster because she wanted to make the girl’s day memorable after she observed the girl being turned away from the salon next door.

Harris encouraged her not to worry about it despite the fact that she had moved her hands and that she had repeatedly apologized for it.

She also said that she was not intending to bring the nail salon into disrepute or cause them to lose customers; rather, she wanted to make the point that individuals are humans regardless of their color, ethnicity, handicap, or anything else, and they should be treated equally.

If a person who has a handicap also wants to take care of her appearance, then she has every right to do so.

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