Video: Woman discovers burglar consuming her homegrown tomatoes and turns to media to…

When homeowner Paula Habib’s cultivated tomatoes began going missing, she became desperate to investigate what or who was taking them.

She had a hunch that it was a hungry squirrel, but when she checked the film from her security camera, she was astounded to realize that it was really the mailman!

She said that she could see why someone may steal her tomatoes since “They’re out there. They are colored crimson. They have an appetizing appearance.”

But as the postal worker kept returning for more, she became a little bit irritated by the situation.

The number of missing tomatoes increased with each new day that he strolled past. She said, “Every time we looked at the camera, it was him, selecting and choosing and spinning the basket round and round to choose the red ones.”

There even was one instance in which he neglected to deliver the mail and instead ate the tomatoes.

Habib made the decision to put a halt to the stealing behaviors, so she phoned Canada Post.

However, after receiving “the runaround,” she chose to go to the media instead. In a short amount of time, she received a phone call from Canada Post in which they informed her that the postal worker will be personally apologizing to her at her residence.

She said that while she does not want him fired, she believes that what he did was unethical. “I have always taught my children not to steal, and in my eyes, taking anything without permission is stealing”.

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