Video: After teacher sees 4 year old kid acting strangely, she approaches him to find out what happened and ends up knowing their sad secret…

Iowa native Nancy Bleur, who is now 54 years old, teaches kindergarten and has a huge amount of love for her pupils and will go to any length to ensure that they are happy.

Camden, who was 4 years old and a student in her class, was acting strangely one day, and she noticed it, so she made up her mind to have a short conversation with him in order to find out what was going on.

It was at that point that the little kid began telling her about his father, which caused her heart to fall as she received the impression that she needed to take some action right now. It was discovered that Camden’s father, Darreld Petersen, who was 34 years old, was suffering from a serious illness.

When Nancy realized exactly how horrible it was, it made her even more frightened because she couldn’t bear the notion of how it was impacting young Camden. After that, she made the decision to give her father a call.

Something really wrong was going on with Darreld’s kidneys, and as a result, they were only functioning at a level equivalent to 20 percent of their potential. Nancy made the decision that she wanted to be of assistance to the family in any manner that she could.

You may believe that she volunteered to babysit, help with the shopping, cook, or assist with any other everyday duty; but, Nancy went far further than that in offering her assistance: she made the offer to donate one of her kidneys to Darreld.

She was fortunate enough to be a perfect match, so all that was required of her was a few minutes of her time to fill out the necessary paperwork. “I felt a rush of excitement about it and couldn’t contain my joy as i just don’t know what I would have done for closure if I hadn’t been a match”.

The remarkable offer that Nancy made left Camden’s father speechless and filled with joy.

“It’s really beautiful. Every day, there are individuals who are on the waiting list for a kidney, or any organ for that matter.

My only hope is that there were more individuals on this planet like her. She is providing me with a second opportunity in life,” Darreld said.  As his Dad is now safe, Cameron’s happiness knows no bounds.

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