Vin Diesel confessed to the publication that he’d never had the desire to meet his real father because of one simple reason

Vin Diesel came to Instagram on November 29, 2022, to share a photo of his stepfather. Irving Vincent, the star’s stepfather, was beaming joyously while wearing a golden birthday party hat in the photo.

One of his grandkids was also photographed as she embraced him. She was wearing a silver birthday party hat, and Vin noted in the caption that his father was celebrating his 88th birthday.

The actor described his stepfather, who was present for the historic occasion, as his “first inspiration” and addressed him as “dad.” He ended the touching post by proclaiming his “all-out” love for Irving “always.”

Vin was most recognized for his portrayal of Dominic Toretto in the “Fast & Furious” trilogy, but in real life, he led a different life from the one he portrayed. The actor was a family guy who had been married to Paloma Jiménez for a long time.


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Jiménez and the actor have been dating since 2007 and have led modest lives away from the spotlight. Hania Riley, “Similce,” Vincent, and Pauline are the couple’s three children.

Vin didn’t have anger toward his biological father, as one might think in most circumstances, but that wasn’t the case. The celebrity was fortunate to have found someone to fill the need left by his father.

Vin grew up in West Bethel, in downtown Manhattan, according to a 2006 newspaper story. The actor was raised in a government-assisted housing complex for underprivileged artists by an interracial couple.

His mother, Delora Vincent, was a White Italian retired astrologer, and Irving was a Black theatre teacher. The actor had a younger sister and brother, as well as a fraternal twin, Paul Vincent, who had blond hair and blue eyes.


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He and his twin brother had no idea who their biological father was. Vin admitted to the newspaper that he’d never wanted to see his biological father for one simple reason:

“To me, my real father is the man who raised me.”

In her biography of the actor, Nancy Krulik stated that he had always been close to his mother but had had no contact with his real father. He’d always addressed Irving as “dad.”

Because his stepfather was a teacher and a theatrical director, the star’s family qualified for the tax-subsidized housing project. Vin’s father was thought to be a black American guy, although this was not confirmed.


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The actor admitted that he had no idea what ethnicity he was, just that he was “a blend of numerous things.” All his mother told him was that he had cultural ties, but he credited Irving with shaping his childhood and turning him into who he was culturally.

Vin also stated that Irving mentored him creatively. Most of the actor’s fans are undoubtedly aware that his true name isn’t the one he goes by, but there’s a special reason he selected it in the first place.

Krulik mentioned in her book that Delora named her oldest son Mark Sinclair Vincent. Vin got his acting name from his stepfather’s last name, where he simply utilized the first three letters, according to a magazine.

The move was an excellent way to honor the father, who had nurtured him as his own kid. The surname “Diesel” was derived from the actor’s previous job as a bouncer.

Vin was a club bouncer in New York at the age of 17. Even though he was a teenager at the time, the future actor was hefty and menacing enough to serve as a security guard for a club named “The Tunnel.”

However, being part-time employed, the club bouncer position was not his primary emphasis. The future star maintained his focus on the goal and was most likely utilizing the labor to pay for his undergraduate education at Hunter College.

Vin got the moniker “Diesel” because he was always able to bring a lot of energy to his task. When dealing with customers, the celebrity was constantly “fueled.”

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