Vitória Bueno, born without arms, proves to us what makes us different from others, gives us the power to chase our dreams and rise beyond our limitations

Vitória Bueno was born in the tiny Brazilian hamlet of Santa Rita do Sapucai. She was born without arms due to a rare genetic disease that could not be identified sooner, which surprised her mother. But she refused to let anything dampen her high spirits.

Growing up was difficult for Bueno, who became somewhat of a spectacle in her tiny community at times. According to her mother, Wanda, people from the neighborhood would occasionally queue up outside their home to view tiny Bueno and would sometimes pull her sleeves to stare at her.


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Instead of focusing on other people’s insensitivity, Bueno concentrated on something else: her passion for dance. Her physiotherapist noticed her dancing around the room one day and urged her mother to enroll her in professional dance courses.

Her inspiring life narrative and seductive dances captivated both the jury and the audience.


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Публикация от Vitória Bueno | Bailarina 🩰🇧🇷 (@vihb_bailarina)

Bueno, who was just five years old at the time, was ecstatic to attend her first ballet lesson with her mother. That didn’t stop the unwanted attention, which made Wanda even more anxious about her daughter’s future. Bueno’s admission to the dancing school sparked additional curiosity and criticism, but she had her heart set on just one thing.

She slowly learned to do things with her feet that she used to do with her hands, like brushing her teeth, combing her hair, eating, drinking, tying her shoes, putting on her clothes, changing the curtains in her room, putting on her own makeup, and even going on shopping trips.

Bueno had fallen head over heels in love with dance in an instant. The art form not only provided a way of self-expression for her, but it also helped her achieve vital flexibility and muscular strength, allowing her to accomplish daily chores more effectively with her feet.

Bueno had mastered the pirouettes of ballet by the age of 16 and was ready to explore tap dance and jazz. The teen’s goal of becoming a dancer seemed like a long shot, but her strong faith and unwavering courage helped her get past the problems.

Bueno said she was lucky to be surrounded by a supportive network of individuals who pushed her to keep going through it all. “What kept me going was the individuals who were always there for me and supported me when I decided I wanted to dance,” she continued.

Bueno captivated the audience with her grace, elegance, and composure as she walked the stage. She began recording her amazing trip on social media, and her awe-inspiring performances left her admirers speechless. As Bueno reflected, her love of dancing opened her eyes to a world of possibilities:

“Arms are only a minor detail for me.” “As though they were there, I follow with my eyes.”


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Bueno was called by Thiago Soares, a Brazilian ballet dancer, choreographer, former principal dancer at the Royal Ballet in London, and guest principal dancer in various theaters across the world, as her incredible tale spread.

Bueno was overjoyed when she received an offer to perform with Soares and attend his individual classes, and she described working with him as the fulfillment of a long-held ambition. But that wasn’t the end of it. In 2021, the boy competed in Germany’s Das Supertalent, where he won the Golden Buzzer and finished second.


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The young dancer, who had been dancing since she could remember, found refuge and comfort in it. “When I’m dancing, I feel a tremendous connection to my body.” “I’m entirely immersed at the moment, whether it’s ballet, jazz, or tap dance, as if nothing else matters,” Bueno said.

Bueno took the stage at “America’s Got Talent: All-Stars” after receiving acclaim and affection from her own nation and thousands of followers worldwide. Her inspiring life narrative and seductive dances captivated both the jury and the audience.

The Brazilian dancer’s outstanding performance garnered her a standing ovation from the judges and the crowd, providing her with a sense of enormous satisfaction and delight. Mayara Falsarella, Bueno’s dance teacher, joined her on occasion and watched in astonishment as her beloved student took center stage.

Heidi Klum praised the 18-year-old girl’s inherent grace and attractiveness, while Simon Cowell dubbed her an “All-Star” for her captivating performance. Although the youngster did not advance to the final round, her persistence, dedication, courage, and ability captured the hearts of many.


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Bueno’s enthusiasm for dance propelled her forward, allowing her to achieve a tremendous feeling of pride and delight simply by being herself. She intends to continue her passion for dancing and wants the world of ballet to become more accessible, especially for people like herself.

Bueno responded when asked what advice she would provide to others: “I always like to leave a message for those who have a desire, not only in dance but in any field, to fight for it.” “Devote yourself to your goals and pursue them with all your might.”

Bueno’s tale is a brilliant example for anyone who doubts their own power and allows fear to win. “We are much greater than our impairments,” she says, “therefore we have to achieve our ambitions.”

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