Watch: 2 Young Children Engaged in Dance With Their Heartfelt Performance on Greatest Dancer, Lily and Joseph Bring Even the Adults to Tears…

On the television competition, Greatest Dancer, two young dancers named Lily Straughan (11) and Joseph Chow (8) astonished the panel of judges with their performances.

The two individuals have elegance and skill that belie their ages in a significant way, in addition, their performance of modern dance was so heartfelt that it moved the judges to tears.

This British program follows a variety of dancers as they battle for prize money and the opportunity to be on Strictly Come Dancing. The dancers may be of any age or style.

At initially, there is a wall between the dancer and the audience, so they cannot see each other. On the other hand, the audience as well as the judges watch the dancers on TV screens.

The audience will have the opportunity to cast their votes after the performers begin their performance.

If more than seventy-five percent of people in the audience have a positive reaction to the dancer, the mirrored wall will be opened, and the dancer will advance to the next round.

The crowd was shouting so loudly for these little child dancers as they danced to “Rise Up” by Andra Day before the doors had even opened.

There is no question in anyone’s mind that Lily and Joseph, two young kids who dance, have a natural knack for dancing. And the world was finally able to recognize what a great treasure they have today.

They breezed through the previous round and were really the first act to be selected.

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