Watch: Residents were able to surprise a much-loved UPS carrier and express their gratitude to him for his service in a very special way…

Since the beginning of the epidemic, many of us have come to heavily rely on a UPS delivery package driver for the things that we need.

While we are all snug and comfortable in our homes, these hardworking employees are putting in extra hours to meet the ever-increasing demand for delivery services.

Gregory Watkins Sr. has been employed with UPS continuously from the year 1995.

Working on the same region for such a long period of time might lead one to question whether or not he ever gets tired of it, but it seems that Gregory does not feel this way.

In point of fact, he has not only taken to the environment but also to the inhabitants of it. Because of the beautiful people that lived there, he looked forward to coming to work each and every day.

During this time of the epidemic, the man who is a parent to four children has been taking up additional work to assist with the relief effort.

The community that he was servicing started to take notice of him since he had been working longer hours and was in the area quite a bit.

“During the epidemic, we observed that he was working longer hours, six days a week, while we were all safe at home, and we just wanted to do something to say thank you,” Linda Muratore said

An unexpected celebration was organized by Linda and the rest of the town for the well-liked UPS delivery package driver. He received a message through text message from a local person who requested his immediate presence for aid.

As is his custom, Gregory, who is always willing to provide a hand, complied. He didn’t waste any time and started driving in the direction of the location where he was required.

On the other hand, an unanticipated spectacle was waiting for him when he arrived.

After seeing a number of vehicles parked in a row on the street as well as a crowd of people, he became concerned that he would not be able to navigate his vehicle through the area.

“As I began getting closer, that’s when people started holding up placards and applauding. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh. Is this intended for me? And I was really astounded by everything that took place.”

As he drove along the street, the people who lived along his path yelled out his name in support. Others showed their appreciation by holding up placards that thanked him for his outstanding service.

Gregory stepped out of his vehicle to address the gathering because he was feeling overawed by all of the attention and presents that were being given to him.

He remarked that it had been a joy for him to be in this region and to get to know everyone who lived there.

The audience let out a collective moan in response to Gregory’s statement that he would only be making deliveries in their neighborhood for the next two years.

Nonetheless, this disheartening information did not prevent those who had previously benefited from Gregory’s generosity from smiling.

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