Watch: A young person discovers a safe containing thousands of dollars at the bottom of a river, though, it has more discoveries ahead…

When George Tindale discovered the astounding find three weeks ago, he was exploring the River Witham in Grantham, Lincolnshire, with his father.

They were looking for artifacts. They tracked out the owner of the cash, a businessman whose safe had been broken into 22 years before, by following a trail of evidence that led to him.

The discovery of a bag with $2,500 multicolored Australian dollars (about $1,800 US dollars) amid the dirt and slime that was contained inside the little safe left both the father and the youngster completely dumbfounded.

In addition, there was a certificate and some outdated bank cards inside, both of which provided the magnet ‘fishermen’ with sufficient information to locate Rob Everett.

Following their conversation with Rob, during which they informed him of their incredible discovery, two kind individuals went to Rob’s place of work in Grantham last week to hand up the stolen stuff.

Rob said that he could not believe that they had been able to locate him: “The world is filled with a variety of individuals who are both kind and pleasant. They could have kept the money, or they could have said they tried to get in touch with me.”

After meeting George, the proprietor of the company even extended a job offer to him, “he told me that the offer is always available if I ever want to get some job experience after I graduate from school,” George said.

In addition, Mr. Everett sent George with a token of his appreciation.

Although George began magnet fishing three years ago with the intention of looking for buried gold, his pastime has now evolved to include raising awareness about the effects of river pollution on animals.

He posts frequent updates on his discoveries on the popular channel that he maintains on YouTube known as Magnetic G.

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