Watch: Dad was under the impression that it would be a routine picture session for Father’s Day. Then “something” captured his attention…

On Father’s Day, we get the opportunity to show our appreciation to our dads for all the love and support they’ve shown us throughout our lives, as well as the many sacrifices they’ve made on our behalf.

It is also an opportunity for a son or daughter to give their father “the item he always desired” as a form of gratitude for all of his hard work.

Bob, Lisa’s father, has always had a strong passion for automobiles, and Lisa has inherited this love from her father. Although Bob had several beautiful automobiles over his 80 years on this world, the one car he had never had but had always wanted was a Corvette.

Bob had always wanted to possess one of these iconic American sports cars, on the other hand, Lisa had been planning to surprise him with his ideal automobile for some time now, and she decided that this was going to be the year that she finally granted his desire…

It all started when Bob and his family arrived at the park where they were going to take their Father’s Day photos, and Bob saw an old Corvette driving ahead of them. This was all part of the plan. He said that he had never been the owner of one.

When they pulled into a parking lot and exited the vehicle, everyone immediately began socializing and embracing one another with hugs and handshakes.

While Lisa was trying to persuade her dad to catch up with the rest of them and “see” something that was parked in the parking lot next to them, Bob had just picked up a young’n.

They were ultimately successful in luring Bob over to the location of the photographer. She started by describing the process of how the shoot was going to happen. After then, Bob became sidetracked since his attention was drawn to something.

He separated from the rest of the pack to check out that “sweet” ‘66 Corvette Stingray that was parked right next to them.

While he was looking it over, he made a remark about how there were Father’s Day presents hidden within.

Then Lisa approached him and dangled the keys in front of him to try to get his attention. “Happy Father’s Day,” she said in a cheery voice. He stutteringly questioned in disbelief, “What… wait a minute!” He couldn’t believe what he was hearing!

After that, Lisa showed him the license plate, which had his nickname written on it, and that’s when the tears began pouring. After that, they ended off with a great embrace before going on a nice test drive!

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