Watch: Everyone at fast food restaurant is taken aback when this elderly group begins to…

Diners were exactly in time for a special surprise when a seniors singing group put on an impromptu concert in the midst of McDonald’s!

This is an African-American spiritual known as “Down by the Riverside,” and it was written decades before the start of the Civil War in the United States.  On the other hand, these gentlemen sing about love.

The seniors’ singing group has lyrics that speak about meeting along the riverbank with one’s gal to converse, confess love, propose marriage, and wed. They are bouncy, perfectly in tune, and an absolute joy to listen to!

The majority of members in the senior citizens’ singing ensemble have white or silver hair and handful of them are tapping their toes.

Aside from that little gesture, their singing is quiet and modest, and there are no hand movements, however, the work that they perform is outstanding!

The tune is upbeat, and everyone has well rehearsed their parts, so it is not difficult to pick out the bass, the baritone, or the tenor, and all three voices combined make for a delightful morsel!

It really would be wonderful if every city and town had an elderly singing club like to this one that often performed at the local fast food restaurants.

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