WATCH. He Taught His Parents How to Play Drums and Bass So That He Could Have People to Jam With. Now They Have an Album…

Because he wanted to have somebody to jam with, a New Zealander taught both of his parents how to play the drums and the bass. Now, the three of them have released an album together.

As a result of the lockdown, Ryan Stokes was unable to bring his friends over to jam, so he made the decision to teach his parents how to play instruments instead.

The guitarist, who was 20 years old at the time, instructed his mother, who was 55 years old, to play the drums after being inspired to do so by The White Stripes, a two-piece rock band. Two months later, his father, who was sixty at the time, attempted to play an electric bass for the first time.

The family band is fittingly called “Momma’s Boy,” with Ryan smashing tunes as the lead singer, Andrea Stokes keeping time on drums, and Lyndon plucking the bass; all three members are quite capable musicians.

The trio has been getting together anywhere from three to four times a week for rehearsals, and they now have an album titled “Who Would Have Thought” that was made available on the band’s Spotify account back in April.

Ryan, who was born in Hamilton, Scotland, said that his parents decided to form the band after being persuaded to do so by his too enthusiastic kid. “During lockdown, I was bored out of my mind, so I decided to play some music.

Both of the middle-aged beginners had no trouble adjusting to the rockstar lifestyle, as shown by the fact that they were posting videos to TikTok just hours after picking up their first instruments.

The band currently does not have a record label, that’s why they record in Ryan’s bedroom, which doubles as a studio. They put their album together in only one month by utilizing music editing software.

The fact that the family is able to spend more time together and receive even more enjoyment out of the music that they all like is a side advantage that has raised from the situation.

According to Ryan, the members of the band have not had any issues over their music as of yet, but Andrea is shaping out to be quite the superstar. “Out of the three of us on TikTok, she seems to have the most dedicated following.

In addition to that, I get the impression that if we ever went on tour, she would be the one to drive the vehicle into the pool!

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