Watch his cute reaction: The 8-Year-Old Boy Who Performed Ed Sheeran’s Single On ‘Ellen’ Received the Biggest Surprise of His Life From Singer…

The interview that Ellen DeGeneres had with regular people who had become famous via social media climbed to the top of the ratings almost immediately after it aired on the program. These guests were single moms, courageous teens, and beautiful youngsters in their early years.

One of them was called Kai Langer. When he was just 4 years old, a video of him singing along to Bruno Mars’s “Grenade” went viral, and ever since then, he has made many appearances on the program.

Kai gave a number of endearing performances in which he professed his love for Ellen DeGeneres and sung and danced his way into the hearts of American fans all around the globe. When he was eight years old, he made an additional appearance on the show.

The first thing that Kai did was hand Ellen DeGeneres a red Valentine’s Day card that was the size of an A4 and contained his school picture along with the words “You are the prettiest.

You were the first person I ever loved.  After reading the letter out loud to Ellen DeGeneres, the presenter acknowledged her appreciation by giving him a peck on the cheek and stating that she would treasure the gift for the rest of her life.

DeGeneres encouraged Kai to enter the stage and sing “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran, the song that Kai had selected earlier in the show. Kai got himself ready for what was about to happen next by standing up and closing his eyes, although he wasn’t truly prepared for it.

After that, Kai began singing the song as DeGeneres looked on with a big smile on her face and as Kai’s performance was drawing to a conclusion, the people in the crowd started to shout. When DeGeneres stated her concern that Kai may hear the screams and spoil the surprise, her face contorted into a disapproving glare.

Even though Kai’s eyes were closed because he was singing so loudly, he was completely unaware of the disruption.  After that, Sheeran made his way onto the stage and immediately started playing.

The British pop star then walked over to the sofa and sat down on its arm as Kai continued to sing.

Kai was still singing at this point. Sheeren beamed and smiled as he celebrated the joyous event, and Ellen DeGeneres gave the singer the look of a jubilant mother.

After he had finished singing, Kai awaited the praise that he was sure would follow, but he was still unaware that Sheeren was standing just behind him. As he sat back down on the sofa, DeGeneres prompted him to turn around and look behind hi.

As soon as he turned around, he was taken aback by the singer who was standing behind him. Before he could say a good “Hi” to the pop superstar, he offered him a timid little wave that was sweet despite its awkwardness.

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