Watch: In an advertisement for the Super Bowl, John Travolta and his daughter Ella perform some of the most memorable dances from the musical in which he acted decades ago…

Even though it has been more than four decades since John Travolta appeared in the popular musical “Grease,” he recently demonstrated that he still has the moves in a new commercial that aired during the Super Bowl.

The actor, who is 66 years old, appeared in a commercial for Scott & Miracle-Big Gro’s Game with a large number of other celebrities, including his daughter Ella Bleu, who is 20.

At around 27 seconds in, the scene shifts to show the two people standing in a verdant garden.

In order for her father and her to film a TikTok video, Ella assists her father in figuring out how to use a camera phone that is mounted to a tripod.

During the brief television advertisement, Ella tells her father, “Dad, it’s the red one,” while wearing a black denim jacket over a black and green floral dress.

“I know,” says Travolta. After that, she reprimands him by saying, “The other red one! ”

After Travolta has finished pressing the record button, he and his partner then take a step back and proceed to perform a sequence of well-known dance movements.

These dance steps are instantly recognizable since they were derived from one of the most successful movies of 1978, “Grease! ”

However, the producers of the advertisement decided to use a more contemporary piece of music to accompany the scene. They selected “Sunday Best” by Surfaces to serve as the scene’s accompanying tune rather than using the original soundtrack “Born to Hand Jive” by Sha Na Na.

During the high school dance depicted in the film Grease, John Travolta’s character, Danny Zuko, and Olivia Newton-character, John’s Sandy Olsson, play each other’s dates.

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