Watch: Matteo Bocelli, Andrea Bocelli’s son, takes a seat at the piano and performs a stunning rendition of a Christmas classic…

Matteo Bocelli, the son of Andrea Bocelli, has undoubtedly inherited his father’s musical talents. And now, he presents us with a rendition of the song “Happy Christmas” that is just breathtaking.

Matteo Bocelli, son of Andrea Bocelli, is featured in this jolly music video where he can be seen performing a beautiful Christmas song while playing the piano in the midst of a forest filled with lit-up trees.

While Matteo is singing “Happy Christmas” there are also wonderful photographs of children from throughout the globe that are scrolling across the screen. Matteo’s song is about the end of the conflict.

The whole film is filled with adorable and heartwarming moments that are a joy to see.

The information on their YouTube website is as follows: “The members of the Bocelli family, Andrea, Matteo, and Virginia, have collaborated on their first-ever family album, titled “A Family Christmas.”

The disc features their musical skill, which spans many generations, performing a variety of holiday classics.

The Bocelli family has released a statement in which they say, “We are presenting our tiny, private, and emotional gift to everyone who chooses to experience the music of Christmas in the Bocelli household.”

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