Watch: On Britain’s Got Talent, the 85-Year-Old Paddy and Nicko Perform an Amazing Dance to the Song “Time of My Life.”

Paddy and Nicko, two of the most popular salsa dancers on Britain’s Got Talent, have returned to the stage to perform an outstanding dance performance to the tune of “Time of Your Life.”

When they were contestants on Britain’s Got Talent in 2014, we had the pleasure of meeting this charming team for the first time.

Paddy was 80 years old at the time, but she and her salsa dancing partner Nicko, who was much younger, earned quite a name for themselves in the dance world.

The engaging duo ended up in ninth place, which brought them a lot of attention from people all around the globe.

We found out that when Paddy’s husband passed away, she made the decision to start taking dance classes.

There, she became acquainted with Nicko, who would later become her partner. Paddy and Nicko are out to disprove the notion that age is significant in any way, and they are determined to do it once again.

They are now competing on Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions, which means they are back on the stage where it all began.

This unique concept showcases the talents of 45 contestants drawn from across all of the Got Talent franchises.

These all-stars will compete against one another for a total of six weeks to determine who will earn the title of supreme winner. On the list of candidates are previous champions, those who came in second place, and fan favorites.

Paddy and Nicko are determined to win the competition with their last routine since they already have a golden buzzer for their first performance.

Today, they are giving the timeless song “Time of Your Life” from the movie Dirty Dancing their own personal twist in order to make it their own. And when they finally finished the famous lift, I was shouting at the top of my lungs.

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