Watch: The inspiring mother is committed to shine a positive light on her daughter’s unusual birthmark, saying…

Winry Hall, who was only a newborn when she was diagnosed with congenital melanocytic nevi, or CMN, it was an extremely unusual birthmark.

Nicole Hall, Winry’s mother, first believed that her child just had a bump or giant moles, however, they would later discover that it was an uncommon birthmark, and study has shown that the birthmark may occur in both tiny and large sizes.

The mother, well aware of the challenges that her daughter may encounter as a result of having such a birthmark, has made it her goal to alter the way in which the world sees beauty. Her mother created a social media profile for the family to use in order to raise awareness about Winry’s situation.

On this page, they provide regular updates on the progress that the infant is making. Since the diagnosis of her daughter, Nicole has become an evangelist and a social media expert in an effort to demonstrate to the rest of the world that it is perfectly OK to be unique.

Nicole, who has approximately 200,000 followers on Tiktok, has lots of films that will show you how happy a newborn Winry is despite her uncommon birthmark. The young infant’s diagnosis may place her at an increased risk of acquiring melanoma in the future.

The mother has assured everyone that the diagnosis will not bring down her or her children, and they are making special efforts to protect the small girl’s skin from the sun.

“This is the first time that many people have seen a birthmark similar to hers, and one of the reasons why I like sharing is because of this…

For parents who have a child that resembles Winry or who has any sort of birthmark, or for any parent who just wants to see their child represented, this is an excellent topic for parents to have with their children so that they can understand that children have differences.”

Nicole has an Instagram account with more than 72,000 followers, in addition to her TikTok account.

On her Instagram, she posts images and videos of her daughter Winry and her brother Asher in an effort to normalize CMN and other birthmarks that are similar.

Amazingly, the family has been able to meet other children just like Winry on the other side of the globe because to social media and Nicole’s enthusiasm for sharing Winry’s story with others.

The loving mother added that despite Winry’s increased likelihood of developing melanoma, she still keeps a close eye on her and takes extra precautions to protect her skin by using sunscreen and wearing hats.

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