Watch: The “Little Mermaid”-fan bride’s reaction when her father brought the real Ariel to the wedding was priceless…

The love that a parent has for his child is unrestricted and boundless. Even if a daughter marries a man who will watch over and safeguard her heart, she will still be her father’s little girl no matter how old she becomes.

The viral video of the married couple from New Jersey is a demonstration of the lengths to which a father would go in order to ensure the happiness of his daughter.

It is without a doubt the happiest and most unforgettable day of Krysten Green’s life when she married Chris, the man who has been the love of her life from childhood.

Not only because she was able to wed the person with whom she wants to spend the rest of her life, but also because her father was able to make the realization of a childhood fantasy of hers possible.

Krysten is a true believer in all things Disney. In point of fact, ever since she was a little girl, she has been a huge lover of Disney films, and in particular, the animated adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid.

Therefore, it is only fitting that some of her all-time favorite vintage Disney characters and movies be a part of her most wonderful day.

Krysten’s father gave a toast at the reception of his daughter’s wedding while wearing an enormous pair of Mickey Mouse gloves as a gift for his daughter on the occasion of her special day. Krysten’s dad inquired about her favorite Disney movie since he is aware of her passion for the Disney film brand.

Krysten’s response was a booming “Little Mermaid” and she gave it without any hesitation.

Her father left the reception hall after a brief pause during which he faced the other direction of the throng. He was gone for just a few moments before he returned with a very important figure.

Alongside the kind and attentive father was none other than the renowned singer Jody Benson, whose voice brought Ariel from The Little Mermaid to life.

You could see the overwhelmed bride searching for the appropriate words to communicate her overflowing delight in the thrilling and joyful video.

Jodi said that she was performing at a wedding for the very first time that was not for a member of her family just before she started screaming out the timeless and well-known song “Part of Your World.”

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