Watch: The man finally learns the truth that he actually was not given for adoption, he was taken…

Today, Tyler Graf is employed as a firefighter in Texas and as he claims, the arrival of his first kid was the sign for him to look out members of his biological family that he had never met.

“I was adopted by a really loving and kind family, but, knowing that my story did begin before I was adopted was probably the most important thing,” he said.

He continued by saying, “So, it’s sort of like missing the first five minutes of the movie,”

According to a GoFundMe page, while he was on his tour, he was approached by a group in Chile called Hijos y Madres del Silencio and was told by the organization that he had been taken at the time of his birth in Temuco, Chile, and “illegally delivered to an American family without their knowing that”.

Thirty years ago, Tyler Graf’s mother was informed that her newborn son, Sergio, had perished suddenly shortly after she had given birth to him.

Graf said, “I can’t even begin to comprehend what my biological mother went through when she learned of my passing away.”

It was an emotional occasion for the mother and son who encountered one other more than 30 years later when they were brought together.

“It was the tightest embrace,” Graf said afterward.

Graf recently traveled to Chile to finally meet Hilda and his sisters, and while he was there, he filmed the family enjoying some quality time together by fishing and generally bonding as a unit.

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