Watch the tearful reunion between the soldier and the dog he served with

Molli Oliver’s efforts have resulted in retired military canines being adopted alongside the troops with whom they served. After just being reunited, one military dog and her mate know this firsthand.

Taylor (nicknamed “Tay-Tay” or “Princess Taylor”) completed numerous deployments in Afghanistan as a bodyguard for Sgt. Tom Hanson and his fellow troops. The Taliban set a bounty on her head because she was so adept at her job.

Taylor was ready to go to a nursing facility when she retired from the military. However, as much as handlers want to reconcile with their old fighting companions, the procedure can be prohibitively expensive, making adoption difficult.

Molli recognized this and decided to assist. According to the flight attendant, her main love is reconnecting service members with the military canines with whom they served. That’s why she pays for and arranges for the dogs to be flown to their destination.

Sgt. Hanson is nervously waiting for Tay-Tay in the video below. Molli, meanwhile, is seated in first class with Taylor, promising the puppy that they’ll meet “daddy” shortly!

Watch the emotional reunion of these longtime friends. Taylor is ecstatic and goes right into Hanson’s wide arms!

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