Watch: The UPS driver who had previously left an emotional note for a new mother has been given a full-time position with the firm, moreover, the mother…

After a client had just given birth, a UPS driver took the time to leave a heartfelt letter for the new mother. This message has now gone viral.

When Dallen Harrell, 24, went to Jess Kitchel’s house in Roswell, Georgia, to drop off a gift, he observed a “It’s a boy” sign with a giant stork in the front yard of her house to celebrate the birth of her baby.

A delivery of infant formula was made to the location a few weeks ago by the driver that came to make the delivery. However, rather of merely dropping the package on the front porch and continuing on to his next delivery, Dallen took a few moments out of his busy day to offer his best wishes to the family.

“If this is the home where they announced “it’s a boy,” then I hope everything is going well with your new baby boy.” Dallen stated this into the family’s Nest Security video system, “I had a kid about the same time you folks did, and I just hope that everything is going fine, God bless, and happy holidays.”

Dallen was unaware of just how important it was for Jess to receive the encouraging letter. She had Chancy through C-section on November 14 and was still recuperating from the procedure.

She was experiencing some feelings of isolation. Even though it was a little gesture, Jess was profoundly affected by Dallen’s thoughtfulness.

Jess, who is 36 years old, “I was just so taken away by the fact… that he took the time to stop and do that, and more so that he was so attentive that he knew this was the ‘It’s a Boy’ home with the stork.”

Because she wanted to show her appreciation to Dallen for the kind act he had shown her, Jess uploaded the 26-second video from the security camera on social media in the hopes that someone would recognize him.

She said. “If he does come back, there will be diapers waiting for him. On December 6, three days after Dallen left the encouraging message, the two eventually connected via phone to have a conversation with one another.

Because Jess wanted to show her appreciation to Dallen for his thoughtfulness, she posted a link to his Buy Buy Newborn and Target wish lists for his baby son on Instagram in the hopes that others would assist him in fulfilling his requests.

The generosity of the general population resulted in Dallen receiving a truckload of packages from FedEx.

When the firm learned about Dallen’s kind act, they gave him a full-time, permanent employment as a driver with his own route. Prior to this, Dallen’s position as a UPS driver had been a seasonal one that lasted just throughout the Christmas season.

“I can’t believe everything went down in this manner,” he said. “When I left the remark at the doorbell, I didn’t even expect to hear from them, and so many blessings have followed after.”

Five days later, when Dallen had to return to Jess’s house to deliver some further products, she had prepared a gift for him by leaving a box on the front porch that included diapers, wipes, and a stuffed giraffe.

At that time, Dallen was able to meet every member of the family, and he even posed for pictures with Jess, Chancy, and Charlie.

After going through several difficult circumstances in his life, such as having open-heart surgery when he was 13 and the loss of his father five years later, he claimed he learnt a lot about compassion.

In addition to that, his mother instilled in him the values of politeness, strong handshakes, and eye contact with other people.

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