Watch: This video will melt your heart since it features a chemo patient and his nurse singing the traditional Christmas carol “O Holy Night” together in the patient’s hospital room…

Penn Pennington and his nurse, Alex, recreate this well-known song with their stunning vocals in this heartfelt and personal duet that takes place in a hospital ward.

Even though there are just two of them singing, the harmony between the two of them makes the song feel like it has a much fuller sound than it really does. Penn is a session guitarist who hails from Nashville.

For the last 23 years, he has been performing at the Grand Ole Opry. Alex took her guitar into the room for Penn when she found out that her patient was such a skilled musician. She then suggested that the two of them sing together.

Penn has spent a significant amount of time in the hospital as a result of the chemotherapy treatments that he has been required to endure in order to treat his disease.

He has been able to, thanks to Alex and Penn’s bedside performances, divert his attention away from the ill effects of the chemotherapy and concentrate on performing something that he takes great pleasure in.

The fact that music is what brought these two people together is such a beautiful thing to see.

Additionally, the fact that they are making use of their talents to convey pleasure not just to one another but also to everyone who has seen this film is a source of great blessing.

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