Watch: This 97-year-old lady in Texas puts in a lot of effort to battle cancer for one very sweet reason…

This grandam in Texas puts in a lot of effort to battle cancer so that she may attend her grandchild’s wedding, and she gives gratitude as she is now in remission from the disease.

Tennie Burkett Ivy was born in Houston, Texas, and she has reached the age of 97. She maintains an excellent level of health thanks to her daily mile-long walks.

Therefore, it was a bitter pill for her to take when she was informed that she had breast cancer just before the wedding of her last granddaughter.

She had previously attended the weddings of her three other grandchildren, and she wasn’t going to miss this one for the world! And she believes that her dogged perseverance was the driving force behind her successful treatment of cancer.

Tennie was first told that she had breast cancer in November of 2020, and as of last October, she is officially considered to be in remission from the disease!

She shared her gratitude by stating, “I give thanks to the physicians, nurses, and the Lord.”

Tennie will always treasure the memories of her family being able to rejoice and dance together during her grandson’s wedding.

Additionally, she has resumed her daily routine of walking one mile.

Tennie also has the hope that people, no matter their age, would take inspiration from her tale and realize that it is never too late to battle cancer.

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