Watch: This stunning wedding video shows the couple’s four grandmothers serving as flower girls; just look at their excitement….

Flower girls are a position that is designated for young girls during weddings, however, one Tennessee couple decided to go against the norm and ask their grandmothers to fulfill this duty.

The flower girls at Lyndsey and Tanner Raby’s wedding were the bride’s great-grandmother, who was 90 years old, the groom’s grandmother, who was 70 years old, the bride’s grandmother, who was 76 years old, and the bride’s grandmother, who was 72 years old.

These women participated in all of the activities that are traditionally reserved for flower girls, such as walking down the aisle while wearing stunning ensembles and held flower baskets in front of them.

Lyndsey came up with the concept after seeing other users’ contributions to the image-sharing website.

“As soon as I got engaged, I immediately knew that I wanted to include both of my grandmothers in the celebration. I counted it as a great blessing to have them all present, and because of that, I wanted them to participate as well.”

Adding: “I have no doubt in my mind that they were more ecstatic than my bridesmaids as they place a great deal of importance on it.”

The images starring the four “flower-grandmas,” have already gone viral and have been seen by hundreds of thousands of people all over the globe and the person, who shared photos said: “I’ve been to a lot of weddings, and I’ve seen a lot of gorgeous flower girls, but these four ladies take the cake.

I had no idea that these females would bring such a high degree of snark to the table but their level of activity was consistent throughout the day with that of a young girl who was in the same situation.

This demonstrates without a reasonable doubt that one’s age is nothing more than a number.”

Lyndsey has high hopes that other people would be motivated in the same way and decide to include their elderly relatives in their own weddings

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