What a hilarious moment: the pigeon dances to the music being played in the street

This is the funny moment a pesky bird stole a street performer’s limelight.

Footage shows the one-legged bird bobbing along to a Melbourne busker playing Robin Thicke’s popular single, “Blurred Lines.”

The video shows an excited audience recording the famed busker while he sings to the gifted bird.

The funky pigeon seemed to have perfect timing, tapping along at just the appropriate times, giving Miley Cyrus a run for her money.

“This bird maintains better time than the great majority of white people,” claimed one observer.

“Everything about this song was leading up to this point,” added another.

“You’re an animal, baby, it’s in your nature,” another replied, implying that the song was about a bird.

“Is it jamming or limping?” “Are you sure that’s a hazy line?” one individual inquired.

“Three seconds after the video was shut off, the pigeon saluted and went about his business,” added another.

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