What an adventure this puppy had until being discovered in…

It was discovered that the Eastern Coyote youngster had been away from his mother and was roaming along the side of an active highway.

He was then wrongly adopted by a local family who mistook him for a lost dog and took him into their house.

As the New England Wildlife Center said on Tuesday, “after they realized their mistake they contacted us for help.

The stranded coyote is now “recovering well” at the Weymouth wildlife center, and the group has announced that he will soon be joined by a foster sibling to keep him entertained.

In a statement, the rescue organization said that “after both puppies have had their vaccines, they will be fostered together and will be given the opportunity to develop and acquire natural habits in our huge outdoor.

We make every effort to provide children with as natural an upbringing as possible, and we will make every effort to duplicate the important habits and abilities they acquire from their parents.”

Despite the fact that this event ended in a joyful ending, the wildlife center cautioned that things may have easily turned out otherwise.

“According to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, coyotes are vulnerable to getting the virus that is dangerous to all animals, including humans.

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