What Happened Next Is Making Headlines After a Bus Driver in Miami Noticed a Passenger Who Was Having Trouble…

A local blind guy was able to be transported to safety with the utmost decency and care thanks to the efforts of a Miami bus driver by the name of T’Yanna Sims. Since more than a year ago, T’Yanna Sims has been working as a driver for Miami Dade transit.

The work entails a great deal more for her than just transporting them from one location to another. It’s all about connecting with other people, assisting them, and inspiring them to do better.

The aspect of her profession that she enjoys the most is the chance it gives her to interact with a wide variety of people and to pick up new skills from them.

She learns something new from both the positive and negative aspects of every conversation, and she has an uncanny ability to sense when others are suffering but are unable to ask for assistance.

Even though she is generous to others on an almost daily basis, it was one of her gestures that recently went viral and caused it to touch the hearts of millions of people. T’Yanna saw that one of the bus’s passengers, who was blind, was swaying and had difficulty exiting the vehicle.

Because of the location of the stop in a congested neighborhood, T’Yanna was aware that the guy would have difficulty across the street in order to reach his next destination. Almost instantly, she made the decision to assist.

T’Yanna brought the bus to a halt and assisted the pedestrian in crossing the roadway, then, she took it a step further by assisting him in orienting himself and guiding him in the direction of where he needed to go to reach his target.

T’Yanna was strolling with the guy when he revealed to her that he had wanted to seek for assistance in the past but had been too terrified to do so.

He was thankful to the bus driver for being proactive and taking it upon herself to help him out, and he expressed his gratitude to her.

T’Yanna’s friends and family observed that she was a remarkable role model for those around her, while she has high expectations that everyone around her would adopt the same outlook as she does and contribute to making the world a better place.

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