What is Ramsay Hunt syndrome: Around 75 percent of patients with the syndrome recover entirely, while the other 25 percent…

Recently, Justin Bieber provided an encouraging report on his current state of health.

A few days after making public his diagnosis of Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which he stated was the cause of his face being partially paralyzed, Bieber returned to Instagram to provide his fans and followers with a more encouraging update on his status. He wrote that he is “doing great” and that he is “working hard” to get better.

In a statement that was uploaded to his Story, Bieber penned the following: “Wanted to express a little piece of how I’ve been feeling. The situation has improved with each passing day.”

The person who won a Grammy shared their thoughts by saying, “Through all of the discomfort I have found solace in the one who formed me and understands me.”

On June 10, Justin Bieber was the first to disclose that he had been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

He did so by informing his followers and viewers of an Instagram video that the condition was caused by a virus that was targeting the nerve in his ear as well as the nerves in his face.

He said that the condition was making it more difficult for him to eat since it hindered his ability to grin on one side of his face, blink one of his eyes, or move one of his nostrils.

Around 75 percent of patients with Ramsay Hunt syndrome recover entirely, while the other 25 percent “will suffer some sort of longterm nerve damage.” This “longterm nerve damage” might appear as facial spasms, tightness, pain, or facial asymmetry.

During his Justice World Tour in 2022, Justin Bieber has had to postpone many gigs and it is unknown how the remainder of the tour may be impacted given the state of the singer.

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